MCDA-Ulaval - Changelog

Table of Contents

Version History

Version 0.6.28

Changes | Fixes
	• Fixed problem when changing criterion from cardinal to ordinal due to missing parameter in update notification
	• Re-enabled criterion type edition (ordinal or cardinal) when project contains a performance table
	• When creating a new sub-configuration k weights values now default to null (i.e. not defined)  
	• Fixed weight normalization applied to sub-configurations, now checks for null (not defined) values

Version 0.6.27

Changes | Fixes
	• Patched problem when changing criterion from cardinal to ordinal by blocking edition when performance table exists
	• Changed decision results column labels for Electre Tri-C and Tri-nC methods
	• Changed tuple display for all Electre Tri methods, tuples display category names instead of indexes
	• Fixed problem when running stability analysis, undefined variable thresholds are skipped w/o triggering an exception

Version 0.6.26

Changes | Fixes
	• Updated method to determine CSV separators when reading data input files   
	• Fixed silent crash when trying to load a project file not on disk by pasting name in file chooser
	• Fixed regression that locked criterion type edition (ordinal|cardinal) in criteria set table
	• Created HTML change log, it is now included in MCDA zip package (EN version only)
	• Added Windows command files (.cmd) in MCDA zip package to ease log4j debug and info log use
	• Updated text and links in HTML documentation guide included with MCDA zip package
	• Fixed problem with some GUI layouts (SCA, STA) when using long names in project tree view
	• Changed text layout for Electre TRI decision results, changed erroneous column labels
	• Updated HTML quick documentation guide accordingly
	• Updated Apache Log4J 2 to version 2.17.1 following advisory CVE-2021-45105, CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228

Version 0.6.25

Changes | Fixes
	• Changed some labels and corrected typos in MCDA project tree view
	• Removed criterion extent validation from parameter validators (will be replaced by user messages)
	• Concordance threshold validation complies with rule 0.5 < C₋ < C₀ < C₊ ≤ 1.0
	• Updated GUI user messages accordingly when concordance threshold validation fails
	• Changed validation for ElectreII thresholds d₁ d₂ to comply with rule 0.0 < d₂ ≤ d₁
	• Updated GUI user messages accordingly when discordance threshold validation fails
	• Added log error output when MCDA project XML file parser fails, in some cases it failed silently
	• Removed borders in main window panels to improve GUI looks for Windows 7/10
	• Added progress bar percentage display when running a scenario analysis (SCA)
	• In scenario analysis (SCA) parameter list, criterion indexes now start at 1 instead of 0
	• Remove Java libraries section from HTML documentation guide, now included within this change log
	• Fixed problem that occurred when removing criterion from main set (*) and sub-sets

Java Dependencies

Java libraries used in MCDA-ULaval

Versions for current release:
	GNU Trove version =3.03
	jUnit version =4.11
	JUNG- Java Universal Network/Graph Framework verion =2.0.1
	SuperCSV version =2.1.0
	Apache Xerces version =2.9.0
	Apache Commons Lang 3 version =3.2.1
	jFreeChart version =1.0.17
	Apache Logging Services Log4J 2 version =2.17.1


MCDA-ULaval icon was created by Javier Aroche, used without modifications and licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivate 3.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).

Background photos used in the MCDA-ULaval website where taken by Tapio Haaja and are available on Unsplash.

26/8/2022 6:00:00 PM