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MCDA-ULaval has been used for research and teaching purposes by teams from different countries including Canada, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom and Spain.

Here is a sample of some published papers where the projects used MCDA-ULaval:

  • Marais, A. E., Abi-Zeid, I., Rodriguez, M. J., & Lavoie, R. (2024). A Multicriteria Model for the Assessment of Source Water Contamination by Anthropogenic Activities to Support Land Use Management. Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 1-17.
  • Gregório, B. C., Pereira, M. A., & Costa, A. S. (2024). Multi-criteria decision-aiding for public hospitals: The role of interactions among pairs of access and quality criteria. Omega, 103046.
  • Barbati, M., Figueira, J. R., Greco, S., Ishizaka, A., & Panaro, S. (2023). A multiple criteria methodology for priority based portfolio selection. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences88, 101595.
  • Martins, H., Henriques, C. O., Figueira, J. R., Silva, C. S., & Costa, A. S. (2023). Assessing policy interventions to stimulate the transition of electric vehicle technology in the European Union. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences87, 101505.
  • Ricardo, A. S., Figueira, J. R., & Marques, R. (2023). Building a Public Infrastructure Investment Projects’ Optimal Portfolio: The Case of the Angolan State Budget. Available at SSRN 4477299.
  • Macary, F. (2023). Multicriteria Decision Aiding for a Shift Towards Best Environmental Practices in Agriculture, with a Focus on Viticulture. In Multicriteria Decision Aiding Interventions: Applications for Analysts (pp. 119-159). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Abi-Zeid, I., Marleau Donais, F., & Cerutti, J. (2023). Mutlicriteria Decision Aiding: Challenges in Real-Life Interventions. In Multicriteria Decision Aiding Interventions: Applications for Analysts (pp. 161-186). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Pinho, M., Costa, A. S., Meneses, M., & Manso, J. (2023). A multiple criteria sorting method for supporting the maintenance management of medical ventilators: The case of Hospital da Luz Lisboa. Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 86, 101458.
  • Pereira, M. A., & Marques, R. C. (2022). Is sunshine regulation the new prescription to brighten up public hospitals in Portugal? Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 84, 101219.
  • Fattoruso, G., & Barbati, M. (2021). The usefulness of Multi-criteria sorting methods: a case study in the automotive sector. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis, 14(2), 277-297.
  • Aouadi, N., Macary, F.,  Deliere, L., Roby, J.-P. (2021). New Scenarios for a Shift towards Agroecology in Viticulture. Agricultural Sciences, 12, 1003-1033. doi:10.4236/as.2021.1210065
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  • Rocha, A., Costa, A. S., Figueira, J. R., Ferreira, D. C., & Marques, R. C. (2021). Quality assessment of the Portuguese public hospitals: A multiple criteria approach. Omega, 102505.
  • Cabeça, A. S., Henriques, C. O., Figueira, J. R., & Silva, C. S. (2021). A multicriteria classification approach for assessing the current governance capacities on energy efficiency in the European Union. Energy Policy, 148, 111946.
  • Napoli, G., Bottero, M., Ciulla, G., Dell’Anna, F., Figueira, J. R., & Greco, S. (2020). Supporting public decision process in buildings energy retrofitting operations: The application of a Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding model to a case study in Southern Italy. Sustainable Cities and Society, 60, 102214.
  • Riley, D. C. (2020). Assessing the impacts of commercial gas hydrate development (Doctoral dissertation, University of Southampton).
  • Macary, F., Aouadi, N., Uny, D., Petit, K., Chéry, P., Lee, A. (2019).  Projet PhytoCOTE - Évaluation de la pression phytosanitaire et des risques de contamination des eaux de surface sur la zone d'étude. Colloque final du projet PhytoCOTE, Nov 2019, Gradignan, France.
  • de Carvalho, B. E., Costa, A. S., Marques, R. C., & Netto, O. C. (2019). The presence of governance: A system assessment based on innovative core regulatory principles for Brazilian regulators. Expert Systems, 36(4), e12406.
  • Costa, A. S., Rui Figueira, J., Vieira, C. R., & Vieira, I. V. (2019). An application of the ELECTRE TRI‐C method to characterize government performance in OECD countries. International Transactions in Operational Research, 26(5), 1935-1955.
  • El Mazouri, F. Z., Abounaima, M. C., & Zenkouar, K. (2019). Data mining combined to the multicriteria decision analysis for the improvement of road safety: case of France. Journal of Big Data, 6(1), 1-30.
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  • Pinto, F. S., Costa, A. S., Figueira, J. R., & Marques, R. C. (2017). The quality of service: An overall performance assessment for water utilities. Omega, 69, 115-125.

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