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You need to have Java SE 8 or better installed on your computer. Java SE 11 LTS version is recommended. MCDA-ULaval was tested and is known to run on Windows 7/10 (x32/x64) with versions up to Java SE 17. Usually the JRE: (Java Runtime Environment) contains everything required to run Java applications on your system.

To run the MCDA-ULaval software, simply double-click on the executable JAR file. You can also double-click on the Windows command files (.cmd files) provided with your download. Some of these files activate a Windows command console and the debugging logs to allow troubleshooting in case of problems. Use logs only for debugging purposes given that there is a small computational performance drop when writing log files. Note that log file size could grow rapidly in projects having large data sets.

NB: The JAR file is not digitally signed so it could trigger security warnings in Windows 7/10 depending on your OS settings.

Bug Report

If you encounter a bug, please send us a detailed description of how you encountered the problem in order to help us reproduce it. You may reach us at the following email address:

Please tell us: which OS you are using, your Java version, how to reproduce the bug as well as your *.mcda project used to reproduce the problem. Furthermore, if possible please send us the log files generated during the bug. For this, you need to run the command file included with download package, in which writing to the debug log is activated.

Here you can view details of changes and fixes for current version: changelog